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The Mulligan Shuttle

Need an easy way to get around downtown Tampa with your guests? Take the Mulligan Shuttle all electric carts. We offer short sight-seeing tours serving most destinations throughout downtown Tampa, SoHo, Ybor City, and Channelside areas. We can offer carts with drivers for your conventions, corporate events, private parties, weddings, etc depending on your location. Call for our brochure listing with suggested rates at 800-985-6317 or email mmulliga@tampabay.rr.com. Call ahead for a reservation and more info. Click the link for advertising opportunities available. 

The tours we are currently offering are the Riverwalk Tour, River Arts Tour, Channelside Tour, Convention-Arena Tour, Harbour Island Tour, YBor Tour, and the Hyde Park/SoHo Tour. We will be offering other tours coming up such as the Hyde Park Home Tour, Davis Islands Tour, Tampa Museum Tour, UT Tour, Romantic Tour, Gasparilla Tour, Ghost Tour, Tallest Building Tour, Government Tour, GOP Tour, and Pub Tours for Hyde Park, and Downtown, and YBor City. Check out our tours on the above tabs or go to our facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mulligan-Shuttle-of-Tampa-Bay/311953862212642.

Guys Night Out | 2011 Heart Show, Czar, Ybor City

By: Paul Houston

Tampa is known for its horrible public transportation, but did you know there are alternatives to the horrendous scheduling of the Hartline public busline on Friday or Saturday Nights? I’m talking about things like the Mulligan Shuttle. From Channelside I hopped a ride on an electricly powered golf cart to Ybor City run by The Mulligan Shuttle Corporation. I am giving them a mention in this article because they were awesome. My driver Leonard gave me the whole history of The Mulligan Shuttle business on our short ride from Channelside to Ybor.

Once upon a time Tampa was overflowing with superfluos alternative rides around the nightlife districts. But under a lawsuite paid for by a united front of all the local cab companies all but one was put out of business. The Mulligan Shuttle was the only one to survive. Even now they are having a hard time, but are fighting hard against all the odds. The very personalized enjoyable open air ride was a great alternative to the typical cab ride most of us think of first if we need a quick ride after or to a night of partying. I heartily recommend calling for The Mulligan Shuttle before any of the cab companies. Its also cheaper than the typical cab, so you’ll be saving money too.

The Mulligan Shuttle ride was the beginning of a very enjoyable evening, one with an intended goal of attending the 2011 HEART show at Czar in Ybor City. Read more here